Sourcing Essential Oils



Aura Cacia uses a global sourcing strategy in order to find the best botanicals where they grow naturally. We work to cultivate direct relationships with our growers in order to support them and their communities. Here are a few key examples. 

Argan Oil 

We went directly to Morocco to find a unique source for our argan oil. It's brought to us by a women's cooperative. The relationship provides the women a rare source of autonomous income and produces a superior oil. Each wild-growing argan nut is hand-selected and cracked by the cooperative. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil 

We were one of the first essential oil companies to convert our supply of sandalwod from the dwindling supply of endangered Indian Santalum album to sustainably produced, regulated and renewable Australian sandalwood. 

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 

The flowers that produce Aura Cacia's ylang ylang essential oil are hand-harvested from groves of cultivated trees in Ambohimena, Madagascar. Families that pick the ylang ylang flowers can send their children to a nearby preschool funded by Aura Cacia. 

Rosemary Essential Oil 

Our rosemary essential oil is sustainably sourced from wild plants that grow along the slopes of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Local harvesters carefully trim the shrubs and remove just the amount needed to produce a fine-quality oil and assure the continued growth of this valuable resource. 

Rose Otto and Rose Absolute Essential Oils 

The roses for these expensive oils are hand-picked by families of Ramani people in the Valley of the Roses in Kazanlik, Bulgaria. Their knowledge of fine rose oil production has been handed down for many generations.