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large image of Matt and Laura Andis sitting at a table Small image of Matt and Laura Andis sitting at a table
Matt K Andis and Laura Andis Bishop
Small image of Matt K. Andis and Laura Andis-Bishop Co Presidents of Andis Company Smaller image of Matt K. Andis and Laura Andis-Bishop Co Presidents of Andis Company

Since 1922

Hard to believe, but it’s been more than 100 years since Mathew Andis created the first generation of today’s Master Clipper in the basement of his home in Racine, Wisconsin. Four generations later, we’ve remained family owned and operated. And we’re proud to work alongside a team dedicated to the Andis legacy in a state-of-the-art facility located just a short drive from where it all began. How we got here wasn’t easy, but it was very simple: if it isn’t the best, we don’t make it. That unwavering commitment to relentless innovation and quality remains as true today as it was a century ago. And if we have any say in the matter, it’ll remain just as true a century from today.

Andis Clipper quality ad Andis Company machine shop through the years
Andis Clipper quality ad Andis Company machine shop through the years


Although our community has grown over the last century, we are family-owned, driven by quality and innovation. And still located just a short drive away from where it all began.

Our core
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We Champion
the Creative

We celebrate and encourage creative thinking and expression.

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Customer &

Our customer is our priority. Our community is crucial. We look to drive positive change and inspire creative freedom for both by fostering inclusion and diversity.

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We never settle for good enough. We always strive for excellence, integrity, and respect in all that we do.

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We are

We don’t do something just because that is the way it has always been done. We lead to find innovative solutions that solve our customers’ problems and drive the industry forward.

Andis Company employees work on engineering clippers Andis Company employee in repair and assembly
Andis Company employees work on engineering clippers Andis Company employee in repair and assembly

join the

Our workplace is custom made for inspiring and ambitious people who are driven to create a new way forward. Those who express themselves with excellence, integrity, and respect. As a family-owned business since 1922, we’re as committed to quality and innovation today as the day we were founded. And we’re on the lookout for people who can keep that drive going strong far into the future.

Work with us


Legacy Andis advertisement home of precision built tools
Sign for Andis Master's club event
Legacy Andis advertisement with 5 clippers on a wheel
Event space with stage and tables with formal settings
Disassembled Andis clipper with parts numbered and labeled
Event hall filled with Andis employees eating at tables and watching the stage
Legacy Andis advertisement circa 1960s
5 Andis employees standing at a circular table and talking
Legacy Andis advertisement for clipper oil
Husband and wife embracing and posing for camera
legacy Andis advertisement for animal clipper
3 female Andis employees arm in arm posing for camera
black and white photo of man clipping cow utter
2 couples smiling and posing for camera
photograph of first Andis factory
black and white photo of Andis employees working in factory line

we our

We believe we can all make a difference. We’re proud to support nonprofit organizations that do incredible work every day.

Andis Foundation

Andis Foundation

Our nonprofit’s mission is to build strong families, develop thriving kids and foster a vibrant community. We award grants to organizations with the same mission, provide monetary matching for other charities, and run a scholarship program for children of Andis Company associates.

The Grooming Project

The Grooming Project

Inspiration and hope. It is what our partners at The Grooming Project are all about. This innovative, Kansas City-based nonprofit organization works to lift single-parent families out of poverty through education and job training in the art of pet grooming. Not only do they impart grooming knowledge but they also offer the additional support services so vital in breaking the cycle of poverty – from housing and transportation to counseling and legal aid.

Conscious Kid

The Conscious Kid

We are a supporter of The Conscious Kid, a nonprofit organization dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth. We help distribute kids’ books to barbershops across the U.S. as a way to help educate and disrupt racism in children.

Project Search

Project Search

The Andis Company serves as a host site for the Project SEARCH program, which helps develop social and employment skills for young adults with disabilities.

Farming Next Generation

Farming – The Next Generation

We provide support to numerous nonprofit youth programs, including 4-H, Future Farmers of America and Junior Livestock, dedicated to the next generation of farming. These programs work to help youth develop vital skills outside the traditional classroom, so they can succeed in life as well as career.

United Way

United Way

We are a longtime supporter of the United Way of Racine County, partnering to build up the community where we live and work. Each year, our associates volunteer for the Annual Day of Caring, and are actively involved in the employee pledge campaign fundraiser and silent auction.

Gentle Carousel Therapy Horses

Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses

Tiny horses, big smiles. Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, an award-winning nonprofit based in Ocala, Florida, takes its teams of mini horses to visit over 25,000 adults and children each year inside hospitals, hospice programs and across America to families, veterans and first responders who have experienced traumatic events. Their fun “Reading Is Magic” literacy program seeks to inspire young readers in high-risk neighborhoods. To receive permission to enter hospitals, schools and other facilities, the Gentle Carousel team must create impeccable grooms on their horses and Andis is proud to be their preferred clipper brand.

Humane Society

Wisconsin Humane Society

Supporting our furry friends is just as important as aiding the people in our community. Our grant to the Wisconsin Human Society of Racine County has helped provide equipment that is essential in the grooming of pets so they can find their forever homes. The most recent upgrade was a new grooming space and bathing tub to help volunteers wash dogs more safely and comfortably, making it a more enjoyable experience for both human and animal. We also provide clippers and blades to prep for any surgical care animals may need prior to adoption.

The Cut

The Cut

With the goal of inspiring and fostering creative trades, we're investing in the future of our industry. We partnered with Gateway Technical College to ensure barbering and cosmetology careers are more accessible to people in Southeast Wisconsin, by creating a new school in Burlington called The Cut. In addition to backing this start-up school, we fund three scholarships annually, allowing future barbers and stylists to embark on a successful creative career.

Equal Justice Initiative

The Equal Justice Initiative

Andis is dedicated to creating positive, long-term change by speaking out against racial inequality and fighting injustice. That's why we have partnered with the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization committed to ending mass incarceration, excessive punishment, and racial inequality in the U.S.

True Skool

True Skool

In everything we do, we seek to inspire creativity. Based in Milwaukee, True Skool is tapping into young people’s potential to be creative, productive, and empowered. This innovative nonprofit teaches middle and high school students through hip-hop culture and transformative creative arts. We support True Skool to help today's youth see all that they're capable of.

Riverbend Nature Center

Riverbend Nature Center

Get back outside and breathe in deep. To help ease the stress of at-home education and the added pressures of the recent pandemic, the Andis Foundation funded a new nature trail designed for children. This wilderness trail allows families near our Sturtevant headquarters to safely re-engage with their community in an interactive learning environment. We give them a safe place to explore and get inspired.