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Aura Cacia Coupon & Discount Codes

Aura Cacia coupons and online coupon codes vary by when they are offered. Subscribe to Aura Cacia email communications and check back to this page to stay up to date on all our discounts codes.

Aura Cacia online coupon codes can be redeemed at checkout by entering the code in the discount code field and clicking ‘Apply Discount’.


Aura Cacia's Current Promotions

20% OFF your entire order- use discount code AC2080 at checkout

Store coupon- download and print by clicking here


Save 20% with promo AC2080


FAQs About Aura Cacia Coupons & Discounts


What types of coupon codes does Aura Cacia have?

Aura Cacia offers multiple ways to save on your purchases.

  1. % off your online purchase with Aura Cacia's online discount code. Example: Use promo code AC000 at checkout to save 25%!
  2. $ off your in-store total when you present Aura Cacia coupons at the time of purchase. Example: $1.00 off any Aura Cacia Essential Oil


Online Discount FAQ

Can I use (stack) two different discounts together?

Two or more discounts cannot be combined and be applied at checkout. Only one discount can be applied per order at checkout.


How do I use my discount code?

Redeem your discount code by using it at checkout. Enter code by clicking on ‘Apply Discount Code’ once on ‘Review and Payments’ screen at checkout. Enter discount code into the box and click to apply. 


Can I use my discount code once I have already placed an order?

No. Discount codes must be applied prior to completing your order.


Where can I find discount codes?

On this page or by subscribing to our email listings to stay up to date on all new promo codes! 


What if my discount code is not working?

If your discount code is not working, please reach out to our customer service team. Please give them a call at 1-844-550-7200. You can also reach them at [email protected] 


Can I use a discount code twice?

It can only be used once.


When does my discount code expire?

Check the communication the discount code was sent with for expiration date information.


In-Store Coupon FAQ

How many coupons can I use per purchase?

You are limited to use one coupon per purchase. 


Can I double or stack my coupons?

No doubling or stacking coupons allowed.


How do I know when my coupon expires?

Each coupon will display an expiration date on it, typically displayed in the top right-hand corner. Ex: Expires 12/31/2022


Can I redeem a coupon on multiple purchases?

No. Each Coupon is valid for a single, one-time purchase only.


If I return an item for which a coupon was applied, can I use that same coupon the next time I shop?

Once a coupon has been redeemed, it cannot be used again. One use per coupon.


Can printed coupons be used online?

Printed coupons can be used for in-store purchases only.

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